Colorado Plateau Subregion Landscape Assessment


Rhayna Lillie, Conservation Data Lab

Goals of this demonstration

We will use LANDFIRE products to:

  1. Characterize and map past and present ecosystem conditions
  2. Explore historical disturbance patterns
  3. Summarize patterns of change and management opportunities

The following charts, maps, and graphs are based on current LANDFIRE products, and provide a starting point for further analysis.

This demonstration will:

  • Provide context for the past and present ecosystem conditions the Colorado Plateau Subregion, one of the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network’s (SRFSN) five Subregions
  • Demonstrate the power of data visualization to explore ecological patterns and functions using LANDFIRE products
  • Facilitate an understanding of historical and current conditions on a regional scale


The SRFSN Colorado Plateau Subregion is located in eastern Utah, western Colorado and the most northern sections of Arizona and New Mexico Read more

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